Community Cleanup

June 10, 2023

Can YOU volunteer to HELP at the Cleanup ?

Minimum VOLUNTEER age  is 12 but at least a dozen able adults are needed.  All individuals  must be able to lift 30 pounds (15 kg) minimum but we work together on everything.

TCA provides:  Gloves &  High visibility vest      Lunch & Snacks in the small hall      Washroom facilities

You will  help unload garbage and throw it into the City packer trucks -- under the direction of the City packer truck operators SO wear suitable working clothing with no  open shoes or sandals.  Safety boots and eye protection are useful but not required.

Please be on site from 8:15 to 2:15 (no signup required but check-in with us in the Small Hall)

ALSO NEEDED:   volunteer vehicles with a volunteer driver and assistant for picking up garbage at residences.  

ARE YOU BRINGING GARBAGE?   You're encouraged to help unload and to be protective of your vehicle. Also clearly identify anything you do not want thrown out. 

NOTE:  The following information has been updated for 2023.

Thank you Andrew for organizing this Cleanup Day.  With help from the City we hope this will carry on in 2023 and beyond.