Hall Rentals

Details about our facilites and rental rates are available here:

Facility Rental Information

Information about our Rental Agreements may be found in the documents at the bottom of this page.

Use the following calendar to see when the Temple Community Halls are booked*. Press/click on the bookings to see detailed times.

Abbreviations: LH-Large Hall SH-Small Hall BR-Board Room aka the Green room.

*Note that when there is high demand these bookings may not be completely up-to-date, call the office at (403) 280-5466 to inquire.(403) 280-54

Please read the Rental Documents listed below

To request a hall, please phone us at 403-280-5466 or email a request to temp11@telus.net … we will phone you back during office hours to schedule a booking appointment.

If you are a new or occasional renter be sure to read and understand Document #2 below. This will form our binding legal contract with you. If needed, our booking person can explain any unclear items to you in one of several languages.