VOLUNTEERS drive everything that happens in, about, and around the Temple Community Association (TCA). This includes its operation and maintenance, events, programs, and community-building. If there is anything, in any of these areas, that you would like to see happening, you are invited to suggest it as long as you are also willing and able to volunteer your abilities to LEAD or ASSIST or support the effort. You do not need to be a member of TCA to do these things but you will need to work with, and under the guidance of, the board and bylaws of the Association.

Can you see yourself doing any of the following things ?

  1. Actively participate in planning and organizing Children's Events including Jelly Bean Dances and the annual Christmas Party.

  2. Assist with newsletter design/publication

  3. Assist with soliciting advertising for the newsletter and facility

  4. Write grant applications. Actively seek out grant possibilities. Document and fulfill funder's expectations.

  5. Take charge of or assist with Ice Maintenance on the Hockey Rink from December to February

  6. Assist with Fundraising at regular Bingo Events

  7. Lead or take charge of ________ (because you can* and you care*).

  8. Assist at Cleanup Events, next one likely June 2022

  9. Routinely walk the grounds, advising the office of maintenance needs, vandalism, and security issues.

  10. Join the board to lend your talents/skills in almost any area of endeavor including those above.

(* 7. this could be a particular sport or different kinds of social-craft-selfhelp events, or even a full program)

If you can volunteer in any of these areas please email temp11@telus.net with your contact information and areas of interest.

What are some of the benefits of volunteering?

- Relieve boredom. A great way to get out of the house and be with people

- Get to know your active neighbors

- Find out what the issues are in your community and help resolve them

- Work on personal agenda items with the help of the community association

- Assist newcomers to the community with general information about the area

- Share best places for groceries, recommend Dr's, local businesses, ad infinitum

- Meet people who can advise you, who have contacts, who will lend you tools ... etc.