A Proposed Pump Track

A bicycle pump track is a type of cycling facility designed for off-road use, typically made up of a series of rollers, berms, jumps, and other features that cyclists can navigate on their bikes. The tracks are typically built using dirt or other natural materials, and they provide riders with a fun and challenging environment to develop their cycling skills and fitness.

Riders can use the pump track to practice various techniques, such as pumping, jumping, and cornering. The track's design allows cyclists to generate momentum by pumping their bikes up and down over the rollers, rather than relying solely on pedaling. This can make for a more fluid and enjoyable riding experience.

Pump tracks are often found in public parks or other open spaces, and they can be used by riders of all skill levels and ages. They are becoming increasingly popular as a way to promote cycling and outdoor recreation in urban areas, as well as in more rural settings.

A "Temple Community Bike Park Committee" is working to create a bike park in Temple ! The intended site sits above the dry pond on the north side. The park has yet to be designed, but we are hoping to have multiple dirt jump lines to cater to all skill levels and allow for skill progression, a dirt pump track, and possibly some technical tracks. Aside from the pump and jump lines, it is our intention to also create a space for non-riders to utilize; including shade, seating, and green space. 


Bike parks like these can be found in Blackfalds, Redwater, and Chestermere, among other locations. This park will fill a large gap in Calgary’s biking community, and provide space for people of all ages to get involved in the sport.


For more info, or to volunteer, please email templebikepark@gmail.com or find us on social media by searching “Temple Bike Park””